Why are dosist's formulas special? Aren't they just strain extracts?

dosist formulations are controlled under rigorous quality specifications to contain the same amount of active ingredients in every dose pen. With the strictest standards for quality and purity, our triple-tested formulas are lab-verified for your peace of mind. dosist formulations contain only distilled cannabinoids and the natural terpenes found in cannabis. 

The distilled cannabinoid fraction which contains the major and minor cannabinoids as well as a small amount of other co-extracted cannabis compounds makes up 88% of each formula on a percent by weight basis, the other 12% are the natural terpenes in the formula. The major cannabinoids THC and CBD are controlled in every formula to a combined total of 73%, with the remaining 15% of the distilled cannabinoids being made up of minor cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG as well as other inert compounds extracted from cannabis. 

The remainder of the formula consists of the natural terpene profiles developed by dosist to provide the greatest level of efficacy in combination with our highly specialized cannabinoid formulas.

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